LeJan Energy Ltd.

In 2018 we made an equity investment in LeJan Energy which produces and sells biomass briquettes to industrial and large institutional end-users in Kenya. LeJan Energy was originally established in 2014. Following our investment, the company upgraded their worksite and expanded production operations over tenfold.

LeJan Energy is a renewable energy company in the cyclic economy converting biomass waste into low-cost fuel briquettes. The company’s approach is to disrupt the traditional energy landscape by re-using what people have discarded since time immemorial. As a cheaper, “drop-in” replacement for traditional fuels such as firewood and coal, carbon-neutral biomass briquettes provide a sustainable source of clean-burning energy.

Through its operations, the company creates jobs, recycles waste, saves trees, and reduces pressure on the environment. The company is based in Mai Mahiu, Nakuru County, Kenya.

More information about LeJan Energy Ltd. can be found on the company website here.